Rahmania Construction Company

Rahmania Construction Company

Rahmania Construction Company (RCC) is a sister concern of Rahmania Group. Rahmania Construction Company  is specializing in general contracting, construction management, design-build, and self-performing interior trades services. Throughout our history, we have earned continued success by providing construction solutions to our clients delivering quality work and services.


- Mission

  • RCC shall never compromise on quality and safety.
  • RCC shall adhere to the highest ethical business practices.
  • RCC shall maintain the highest standard of quality on each and every project within budget and on-time.
  • RCC shall continuously invest in upgrading equipment and design technology for security, safety, and cost minimize.
  • RCC Shall be committed to total customer satisfaction by under promising and over delivering.


  • Rahmania construction company shall foster an innovative environment constantly creating value and attaining benchmarks in the field of RCC, Steel, Communication and all kinds of infrastructural development.
  • This will be accomplished through product perfection, engineering excellence, best customer services and best relationship with customers in the industry.
  • Be a world leader infrastructure development, providing our clients with high quality services through local teams able to create and share economic, social. And environmental values for the community.


- Our Activities/Functions

Keeping conformity with the vision and mission of the organization, as mentioned above, the following activities/function have been chalked out for implementation by applying the processes as set forth below:


  • Construction of high-rise buildings, bridges, culverts, dams, roads etc.
  • Ensuring following supplies, particularly in bulk :


  1. White and black stones, boulders, gravels etc. of different origins, specifications and sizes (both local and imported)
  2. Lime stone.
  3. Bricks (Standard and hollow).
  4. White and Portland Cement of different qualities and brands (locally manufactured, and if asked for, imported)
  5. Different quality sand.
  6. Reinforcement bar.
  7. Tiles.
  8. Bamboo.
  9. Manpower.
  10. Geo and PP oven bag of different sizers and specifications.
  11. Any other construction materials (as asked for by the clients).


Key Information :

 Contact numbers : +88 0167 044 044, 01932 999 999.

Email                       : rccbd2015@gmail.com

Trade Licence number : 01-15625

Tin certificate                : 327318322626

Vat registration number : Enlistment No. 118141133127, Area Code – 180304.