About Rahmania Group

About Us

Rahmania Group using the slogan “Service for humanity” expressing us that we got enough opportunity to serve the nation running different establishment by different nature of business and learn different experience how we can provide better service for the welfare of the human being & all other creation created by Almighty Allah. As a human being we are responsible to care about us, & to be responsible for self interest also for others. To take care for others means it is also indirectly serve our necessity & welfare. Because none is independent to fulfill the necessity is for him or themselves. We should not forget that we will “Service for humanity” only for our interest, same time we should think about the standard, quality, security, safe living and necessary facilities for our client.

Considering around 24 years of business experience in home and abroad we mentally decided to serve the nation through our different establishment. So that, Considering the necessity to develop infrastructure we have already develop international standard corporate office in our own building including interior setup & complete set of required qualified Management and technical staffs to fulfill my dream.

We are highly capable to obtain a challenging management, administrative, or technical position as deemed suitable to our skills, experience, and backgrounds, to help a successful organization or company expand further and to help us grow further professionally, technically, and financially, to become a managing director in my  progressive organization. We are a highly trained, multi-cultured, widely-traveled, hard working, confident, mature, self-motivated, responsible, reliable, skilled individual with practical engineering skills, management experience, and consulting methods gained through many years of practical work experience Engineering Business, and Project Management covering a broad range of construction. We are a healthy, friendly, outgoing, open-minded and flexible person. We are a born leader and able to influence others to follow and meet any goal or objective.

As a group of company, using the slogan “Service for humanity” we like to serve better for all and cautious to safeguard the reputation in our different sector, our goal is to provide 100% client satisfaction.